How our quest for connection may be making us more isolated and what we can do about it.

Recently I have been involved in an open letter from a group of doctors to our government concerning its response to COVID. I work on my own as an MD and other…

A poem about being a MD in this crises.

Where does one go when the anger is unremitting? No breathing app, no forest walk, no songbird stills the heart.

How does one sleep when the heart is seething? All effort resisted with such great force as to take the breath away.

Calls of “watch-out, is that really wise” met…

Read it and weep — then find a way out.

The fear is palpable. Heads down, masks on. There is no one around but eyes are wide in terror. The neighbour, the postman, the whanau, all may be the menace in disguise. The menace has not been seen but the people hide and cower in the fear that merely locking…

It is time to connect.

This week I foraged for food; food to provide my body with energy for healing. To be exact, I drove out onto backcountry roads and met with an old man. …

What Bayer does not want you to know about Roundup.

Alive but weak and unthinking. That is the human race on Glyphosate. Not content for this to be the human situation, Bayer has included our pets, the other inhabitants of the Earth, and indeed the Earth itself.

But wait.
Glyphosate, the…

The ancient healing power of Secondary Plant Metabolites.

As we crunch into the perfect apple or carrot (often conveniently peeled, sliced, and wrapped in plastic) we become smug in the thought that we have increased our intake of vitamins, minerals, and fiber. We are keeping our bodies healthy by eating nature’s bounty. …

A poem from the heart.

I did not write this poem. Instead, I was honoured to be trusted as a primary care physician to take part in the author’s search for health. This person faces significant challenges, yet found it in their heart to write for the 2 year old child who died after receiving their 2nd Covid vaccine. I have been given permission to publish this.

How our responses affect our magnesium, how this leads to a perception of being unsafe, and how to break the circuit.

Peace and safety. This is a mantra I hear frequently from my patients when asked why they want good health. A sigh of relief, a relaxation of muscle, a calming of the stomach, and a quietening of the brain.

Almost all get prescribed Magnesium. I also refer these patients for…

Feeling good about us.

It seems we can pour thousands of new compounds onto ourselves and the Earth without dying. The sun still comes up, food is currently still growing, and you and I are still breathing. Yet, there is disquiet.

1st They Took Our Hormones, Now They Take Our Lives

We may be breathing but are we living? From my observation in the…

The world in flow.

A year ago, I awoke to find my life’s work threatened. Earth and humanity seemed to be hurtling towards oblivion. …

Cindy de Villiers

Practicing Functional MD developing a diagnostic and treatment online platform, incorporating wearables and AI. Always questioning.

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