Morning for Energy, Noon for Body, Evening for Love

How you can access much more than Vitamin D.

Cindy de Villiers


If the sun were in a pill, we would happily fork out our life’s savings for one milligram of its miracles. We would of course, as with all medical interventions, have to weigh up the risks and benefits.

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Happiness, sleep, energy, thyroid health, immunity, blood pressure, heart health, lifespan, healthy weight, bone health, neurological health, metabolic health, gestational health, fewer allergies, less cancer, less myopia. Perhaps we should send our short-sighted politicians and administrators out into the sun.

For tired brains, skip to the end of this article and rejuvenate by getting out into the sun. For those wanting a deep dive, read on.

You and I Are on This Earth Because of the Sun

While physicists may debate the details of the big-bang, religions and traditions have long acknowledged the sun as life-giving. The sun was said to have been born from the eye of the Hindu primal being, Purusa. The sun played a significant part in the worship of the ancient Egyptians, Romans, Greeks, Aztecs, and Mayans. Pagan holidays align with the seasons. The Christian god when he created the Earth said “Let there be light”.

In the last few centuries, sun worship has been derided by monotheist religions. It has been described as “the most enduring of all the forms of idolatry”. Indeed, the past few decades have seen the sun further maligned due to its association with skin cancer and wrinkles, with scant acknowledgment of its health-giving properties.

The Earth has been bathing in sunlight for over 3 billion years. During photosynthesis, green plants and algae trap solar energy. This trapped energy is converted into glucose that the plant stores starch. It is then passed on to organisms that consume the plant. Thus the sun’s energy is passed up the food chain.

The Energy From the Sun

The sun is a magnificent source of energy. It provides more energy in 1 hour to the Earth’s surface than is consumed by humans in an entire year and by all plants in three months. The sun’s energy is not likely to run out for a few billion years yet!



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