What Happens When We Are Not Allowed to Die?

The despair of too much safety.

Photo by Inderpreet Sekhon on Unsplash

Death in the 21st Century

Well before COVID, the death of humans was hijacked and institutionalized, mainly with good intention. I vividly recall doing medical rounds in a nursing home, when a little old lady begged me to let her die. There was nothing I could do.

Fear and Safety

Sapiens may be the most intelligent species, potentially capable of prolonging their lifespan. This however comes with a cost: a life less human.

Sapiens, the only animal to have significantly changed their environment, have seen their species grow and dominate. Child mortality has dropped and life expectancy has increased. We are curing diseases and filling up the earth. Paradoxically anxiety levels are highest in those most well-off. Longevity, it seems has come along with fear.


Photo by Chris Lawton on Unsplash
Photo by Oscar Sutton on Unsplash

Practicing Functional MD developing a diagnostic and treatment online platform, incorporating wearables and AI. Always questioning.

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