The Crap From the 80s

Flush that self-help down the toilet.

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Let the sun’s rays heal you. The flow of energy in waves from the sun changes cells and molecules in our skin. The most well-known effect is the production of Vitamin D. However, taking Vitamin D does not confer the same benefits as sun exposure. Vitamin D is now seen as a proxy for sun exposure, rather than being considered the single beneficial molecule from the sun.


Salt has been used as currency, caused wars and uprisings, and influenced economies. Sodium is essential to the body. The body does all in its power to keep the level of sodium in the blood constant. Low sodium causes everything from fatigue and nausea to seizures and coma.


Butter. There is no substitute. The case for low carbohydrate, healthy fat intakes are increasing daily. Butter is one of these healthy fats; seed oils are not. I refer skeptics to the easy-to-read book, What the Fat.


Your body needs time for rest and rejuvenation. The current interest in fasting is a rediscovery of ancient practices. Humans have adapted to interruptions to their food supply. We have yet to adapt to a food store on every corner.


There is a medical reason we feel good walking barefoot on wet grass, soft sand, or even hard concrete. This reason is electrons. We need them. In the body available electrons are carried by molecules often referred to as anti-oxidants.

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Easy Does It


Questioning is what makes us human.

Practicing Functional MD developing a diagnostic and treatment online platform, incorporating wearables and AI. Always questioning.

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