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Cindy de Villiers
7 min readApr 5, 2021


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It seems we can pour thousands of new compounds onto ourselves and the Earth without dying. The sun still comes up, food is currently still growing, and you and I are still breathing. Yet, there is disquiet.

1st They Took Our Hormones, Now They Take Our Lives

We may be breathing but are we living? From my observation in the clinic, many individuals are tired, depressed, and suffering from hormonal diseases. Before blaming your genes it is worth recalling the words of Francis Collins, geneticist, and leader of the Human Genome Project:

Genetics loads the gun, and the environment pulls the trigger.

Environmental Substances

What is in our environment that could be making us sick?

Man-made chemicals. More than 180 million of them since the early 17th century. Over 85,000 of these are listed with the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). These compounds are found in everything from fertilizers to cosmetics, from food to the containers we use, and from carpets to paint. The chemicals leach into our food, our air, our water, and through our skin.

All of these substances are new to the body and the Earth. Somehow the body needs to break down these foreign compounds and get rid of them. While optimal evolutionary adaption takes innumerable years, the body does manage to get rid of most of these compounds. On the way through, however, these chemicals can exert a significant effect on our health. Added to this, the ubiquity of these compounds means they are continually in our bodies.

But wait. Surely, we have scientists and experts to test the safety of these chemicals.

This assumption is sadly false.

Testing For Safety

There are three factors to consider when looking at the safety of man-made chemicals.

  1. The licensing of new chemicals. This lies with the EPA. The majority of chemicals in use in the US were “grandfathered” by the EPA in 1976 and assumed to be safe. The recently revised Toxic Substance Control Act has mandated that the EPA…



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