Life and Viruses

A Fibonacci poem.

Cindy de Villiers
1 min readMar 20, 2021
DNA. Picture by Palau, licenced on shutterstock.

multiple microbes,
all part of us; our DNA.
Our human genome half viral source from ancient times.
Elimination of threat is change to self; our own genetic modification.

Extinction of humanity or opportunity for change, healing with the sun and the earth; the choice is ours collectively to make.

Coming together with life cycles, symbiosis, balance, human humility.
No longer master over nature, now one with it.
Regeneration and rebirth.
Universal life
flowing through
and with

A thank you to Desiree Driesenaar. Nature would not let me bypass the challenge you had taken up with Fibonacci poetry. Your work is inspiring, particularly bringing Fibonacci and the Golden Ratio into regenerative practices.

Thank you to Zach Bush for a reminder of our genetic history.



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