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  • Erik Rittenberry

    Erik Rittenberry

    Everything has been figured out, except how to live.

  • Eyal Shahar

    Eyal Shahar

    Professor Emeritus of Public Health (University of Arizona); MD (Tel-Aviv University, Israel); MPH, Epidemiology (University of Minnesota)

  • Alireza Zare

    Alireza Zare

    Writer, University Lecturer, Public Speaker

  • Skippy von Alte Welt

    Skippy von Alte Welt

    A gent inspired by the Republic of Letters is he, educated in Holland, Heidelberg, and U.S. universities. He’s a lover of life, family, nature, and community.

  • David Boghossian

    David Boghossian

    Human, start-up guy, investor and writer in Cambridge, MA

  • Nicholas Wade

    Nicholas Wade

    I'm a science writer and have worked on the staff of Nature, Science and, for many years, on the New York Times. nicholaswade@yahoo.com

  • Abakcus


    Abakcus is the collection of perfect sources about mathematics and science.

  • zoomplanet


    Nomadic procrastinator suffering from run-on sentences caught between a 9 to 5, an expired passport, a 30 yr mortgage and a dog who has separation anxiety.

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