How our quest for connection may be making us more isolated and what we can do about it.

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Recently I have been involved in an open letter from a group of doctors to our government concerning its response to COVID. I work on my own as an MD and other than monthly zoom peer meetings, it could be said I am fairly isolated. In drafting our letter, messages were sent to and fro, much discussion was had, and hesitant individuals were convinced.

I felt joy and relief in my views being substantiated. The dopamine flowed and spirits soared. However, some…

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Tentatively slowly it awakens,
The Promise fearful it is mistaken.

From a heavy slumber that seemed to last,
A thousand years a curse that once was cast.

Perhaps with good intention by princes,
Still overtaken by evil senses.

Safety, fear, longing now scientific,
Shielding from monsters fake and horrific.

Retribution, model and counter strike,
Crushing living and laughter most warlike.

Kin and companion seen darkly through glass,
Any discussion leading to out class.

The Promise still hoping for a presence,
In amongst the nightmare of misfeasance.

A normal of love and solicitude,
Freedom no longer just a platitude.

The citizenry…

Feeling good about us.

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It seems we can pour thousands of new compounds onto ourselves and the Earth without dying. The sun still comes up, food is currently still growing, and you and I are still breathing. Yet, there is disquiet.

1st They Took Our Hormones, Now They Take Our Lives

We may be breathing but are we living? From my observation in the clinic, many individuals are tired, depressed, and suffering from hormonal diseases. Before blaming your genes it is worth recalling the words of Francis Collins, geneticist, and leader of the Human Genome Project:

Genetics loads the gun, and the environment pulls the trigger.

Environmental Substances

What is in our environment that could be…

The world in flow.

Regeneration. Photo by Aaron Jungman provided to the author.

A year ago, I awoke to find my life’s work threatened. Earth and humanity seemed to be hurtling towards oblivion. The view I had shared with patients - you can be more, there is always something that can be done, something to be learned from our traverse on Earth - was being questioned.

What was the point of being more, when decision-making and risk assessment was taken away?

What purpose our connection with the Earth, when piles of plastic, masks, and toxic hand sanitizer were rapidly choking our planet?

What purpose physical health when already low levels of human connection

I have just checked out Urban Sun. I was unaware about the far UVC in particular being antiviral. With the current pollution being a factor in both absorption of sunlight and corona death, it may be time to consider additional light sources in our overcrowded urban areas. However, I agree with you that we want to keep our eye on a regenerative future. This may mean a melding of human endeavour and nature's healing; either alone may not be successful.

A Fibonacci poem.

DNA. Picture by Palau, licenced on shutterstock.

multiple microbes,
all part of us; our DNA.
Our human genome half viral source from ancient times.
Elimination of threat is change to self; our own genetic modification.

Extinction of humanity or opportunity for change, healing with the sun and the earth; the choice is ours collectively to make.

Coming together with life cycles, symbiosis, balance, human humility.
No longer master over nature, now one with it.
Regeneration and rebirth.
Universal life
flowing through
and with

A thank you to Desiree Driesenaar. Nature would not let me bypass the challenge you had taken up…

How you can access much more than Vitamin D.

If the sun were in a pill, we would happily fork out our life’s savings for one milligram of its miracles. We would of course, as with all medical interventions, have to weigh up the risks and benefits.

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Happiness, sleep, energy, thyroid health, immunity, blood pressure, heart health, lifespan, healthy weight, bone health, neurological health, metabolic health, gestational health, fewer allergies, less cancer, less myopia. Perhaps we should send our short-sighted politicians and administrators out into the sun.

For tired brains, skip to the end of this article and rejuvenate by getting out into the sun. …

The despair of too much safety.

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Today I learned that a friend’s dog had died. She was chasing a rabbit and did not notice the cliff. Could she have been kept safe, on a leash?

In 2021 it appears that humans are not allowed to die and animals are not allowed to be part of the food cycle that has existed since the beginning of time. Humans are particularly not allowed to die if the cause of death is a virus. Yet, by attempting to evade death, we are destroying the environment and communities that sustain us, and are causing misery to millions of animals.

Death in the 21st Century


An enjoyable way you can get the most out of exercise — it involves humming.

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Bio-hackers and influencers, baring their abs, entreat us to do high-intensity interval training, also known as HIIT. If it has worked for them, it will work for you. If it is not working, you are not doing it properly, or you are not committed enough. Maybe you need to buy their supplement?

Why You Need to Know About Training Zones

Exercise is a stress that the body responds to by adapting. If the stress is too great the body’s ability to adapt may be insufficient, leading to fatigue, injury, and inflammation. If the stress is insufficient, adaption does not occur. For optimal adaption, you want the stress to…

Flush that self-help down the toilet.

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Today, I found myself again trying to undo the crap from the 80s. Really, what did happen in that decade?

I can forgive the big hair, shoulder pads, and dubious tastes in music. However, the years I spent spreading margarine, steaming skinless chicken breasts, and applying sunscreen are harder to reconcile. How much destruction of coral am I to blame for?

Self-help was newly minted. Eat six times per day, never get hungry and remember to power dress. Just take the pill. We trusted pharmaceuticals in those days. We trusted doctors too. …

Cindy de Villiers

Practicing Functional MD developing a diagnostic and treatment online platform, incorporating wearables and AI. Always questioning.

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